Steve Berlin Photography
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Photography is more than holding a camera and snapping photographs. It is a time for exploring nature and becoming one with it.

"Photography is truly an art of passion and expression. It provides me with the ability to capture nature's amazing landscapes and wildlife on film. While I am photographing, I feel at peace with nature, and it is during these moments that I begin to better understand the world and my place within it."

In order to become a good scenic or wildlife photographer, one must make themselves available and learn how to fit in rather than dominate and control our surroundings.

Steve Berlin has been published in numerous magazines and has also produced front cover shots for Samsonite, Video Systems, and The Science Teacher magazines. He has also sold images for use as advertisments, and has been published in several books including the wonderful series "Land of the Canyons". He also continues to sell his images to a large clientel across the southwestern USA both from the web and from word of mouth. Many of his images, including "The Vortex" and "Energy", have won numerous prizes in photo contests.


Steve primarily uses his Canon 35mm format gear for his work, but also uses a medium format Fuji GA645 and Olympus XA. Addidionally, he use to be a SysOp (System's Operator) in the Photography Forums for CompuServe and co-hosted the Canon conferences and the formal critique program. He currently hosts the Caves and Caverns group at RedBubble.

Steve resides in California and makes his living as an administrator for a law enforcement agency and is continually working on photography and adding new images to his galleries.

Steve continues to travel the southwestern USA and is devoted to taking unique photos of the canyons and National Parks. He is working on a new Photo Tour of the areas that he visits and a geological / informational page of the areas to give the reader an idea of how interesting nature truly is.