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This gallery consists of photos taken of wildlife in California, Arizona, and Washington. Expressions from animals are usually more amazing than those from mankind, and sometimes when we are lucky, we can capture a very unique pose. Birds of prey and birds of beauty each have their own skills and unique personalities, while monkeys, apes, and orangutans have higher learning capacity causing them to behave and have more similar expressions to those of mankind.

Many of these shots took days of preparation, first getting to know the species and how they react to mankind, then getting to know their habits and quirks. A good wildlife shot should tell us a story by simply looking at the photograph. These images will soon be available for purchase through our ordering form. Should you wish to use or purchase an image, please contact me via email.

Click on a thumbnail image below to see the larger photograph.

Pink Flamingo, Los Angeles Zoo
"Pink Flamingo"
Butterfly at San Diego Zoo
The Serpent (Boa at Seattle Zoo)
"The Serpent"
Ring Tailed Lemur, Los Angeles Zoo
"Lemur Love"
Orangutan eating grass at Los Angeles Zoo
"Got Grass?"
Eagle at Los Angeles Zoo
Crowned Pigeon, San Diego Zoo
ostrich, Los Angeles Zoo
"Hello Doc!"
The Philospher, Michael the Orangutan at the Los Angeles Zoo
"The Philosopher"
Seal surfacing at the Los Angeles Zoo
Egret at the San Diego Zoo
"The Egret"
Goat at the Los Angeles Zoo